May 20, 2007

Chocolate Ice Cream: Why It's So Good

Two of the most delicious foods of all time have to be CHOCOLATE and ICE CREAM. Each one in its own right is a treat almost second to none for many people and chocolate and ice cream in one combination .... well, that's hard to beat!

I've made lots of homemade ice cream and whenever I make chocolate ice cream I never seem to be able to get the first batch served or into the freezer without being able to resist a taste! And it seems I'm not the only one with a love for it - my chocolate ice cream recipe is one of the most popular on, second only to vanilla ice cream in the number of daily page views.

Chocolate ... a few interesting facts
  1. The melting point of chocolate is 34°C (just below human body temperature), hence that wonderful 'melt in the mouth' quality it has.

  2. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine - a known mood enhancer, hence why so many people claim it makes them feel better when they eat chocolate.

  3. Some of the oldest people on record claimed to be big chocolate eaters - one who lived to 119, the other to 122 and both of them women.

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Two world famous faces reported to have a love for chocolate ice cream are Elvis Presley and Jackie Chan.
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