Apr 5, 2008

Ice Cream In Movies

I have already written a section on my website about ice cream and famous people. Since then I've been thinking about just how many movies I've seen over the years which feature ice cream in some way or other.

Here's a list of just a few:

  • "Charlie & Chocolate Factory" starring Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton. The scene in question features the words "Never Melting Ice Cream" on a display board outside a shop with the sign "Fickelgruber Ice Cream"(Fickelgruber was supposedly a fierce competitor of Willy Wonka' s who had stolen his recipe for an ice cream that never melts even when left out in the sun on a hot day).

  • "Hard Day's Night" the 1964 Beatles movie - Clang escapes in a "Mr. Whippy" van (British equivalent of the American Good Humor van)

  • "The Medallion" starring Jackie Chan in 2002 - an outtake at the end of the movie shows Jackie with a serious face confronting the 'villain' and before he can deliver his line, an ice cream truck goes past playing its ice cream jingle. Jackie keeps a straight face and, realising they can't keep the take, says "I want ice cream!"

  • "Borat" the 2006 hit movie in which Sacha Baron Cohen travels across the USA in an old ice cream van.

There's hundreds more! Makes you realise just how much ice cream is a part of our society.

Here's a great website if you're interested in researching movies imdb.com

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