Aug 9, 2008

Fresh Coffee & Coffee Ice Cream

A cup of freshly ground coffee can make the world of difference to your day. It can perk you up and lift your spirits like nothing else. There again ice cream, especially freshly homemade ice cream, can do pretty much the same thing; but have you ever put the two things together? Well I have and fresh coffee ice cream is a winner!

The key to the success of the recipe lies in one thing – using a good quality, freshly ground coffee. The better the coffee the better the ice cream will taste. There are many types of coffee to choose from of course; I tend to go for Costa Rica coffee. Costa Rica started producing coffee beans in the 1790’s and within 30 years was exporting its coffee to Columbia and Chile. Exports further afield followed with shipping consignments of Costa Rican coffee beans going directly to London by the 1850’s. The history of Costa Rican Coffee is fascinating and the link provides a lot more information if you’re interested. There are also lots of coffee suppliers online supplying quality coffees - from caffeinated to decaffeinated and all different kinds of roasts. Check out the Coffee Section in the Ice Cream Recipes Online Store.

Whilst reading up on coffee I came across a great website about coffee pots – real ‘larger than life’ ones that you can actually drive to see for yourself. There’s a coffee pot shaped night club, a coffee pot shaped gas station and even a water tower coffee pot. Some really interesting photos!

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