Sep 28, 2008

Corporate Ice Cream Man

Let's face it many corporate people lead busy lives and live with lots of pressure. So we shouldn't begrudge them a little relaxation occasionally. Usually it comes in the form of a weekend away at a corporate events venue or corporate training and corporate team building inititatives but there's a much simpler form of relaxation available to them - enjoying a secrete little treat at lunchtime. If you look in any inner city park at lunchtime you'll probably find a businessman smartly dressed in corporate clothing quietly enjoying an ice cream cone. I used to see them often in my 'city' days in London.

You can tell at a glance if 'the corporate man' has eaten an ice cream cone in this situation before - he will have removed his tie, have his shirt unbuttoned at the top and be clutching a paper napkin in one hand (at the ready to remove any ice cream drips) whilst holding his precious ice cream cone in the other hand. It's actually a very organised affair! Here's a photo to show you what I mean.

If this corporate gentleman is careful he can not only return to his office for meetings without a trace of ice cream on his person but can sit listening to boardroom talk whilst smiling satsifyingly inside knowing he's enjoyed a secret treat at lunchtime. Now that's how to be sucessful (and happy) in the corporate world!

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