Oct 26, 2008

Go Political This Halloween - Costume Mask Fun!

The mask is a good old-fashioned staple when it comes to costumes and Halloween is no exception. Your kids might want to wear a Batman or Robin costume which come complete with their own mask or they might wear a homemade costume and just buy a black or silver mask separately to complete the effect.

There is a new and growing trend however .... costume masks based on whoever is in the media spotlight at the time. This year of course it's none other than the Presidential candidates themselves! According to what I've read, the biggest fashion in costume masks this Halloween is to have either a Barack Obama mask or a John McCain mask.

I can imagine a lot of students having fun with these this Halloween .... but also a few parents. There are going to be some great Halloween photos taken this year!

Personally, I will won't be donning a mask or costume - it's enough to concentrate on the food, especially the ice cream. Well, someone has to do it!

Happy Halloween!

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