Feb 28, 2009

Beating The Recession With Ice Cream

There's no escaping it, the world economy appears to be in a recession. There's hardly a country on earth that is not suffering its effects in some way BUT if a recent news article about food in Britain is correct, then McDonald's could be one of the few losers .... thanks to ice cream.

It seems that many British families are abandoning restaurants and opting for less expensive food with the knock-on effect that McDonalds has just announced its best year ever for its outlets in Britain. Serving no less than 2.5 million British customers every day, the giant food chain is understood to be claiming a 10 per cent rise in its breakfast sales during 2008 alongside a strong rise in its ice cream sales.

So what do we learn from this? That it takes a lot to diminish the British love of ice cream and even when pockets are tight and finances struggling, having an ice cream is not only inexpensive but it's a treat to brighten up even the darkest of gloomy economic times.

I have yet to see someone who, when eating an ice cream, fails to smile at some point!

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