Aug 10, 2009

Dog Saved By Ice Cream

Here's a great and true story to share with you. I recently read a story about a family in England whose small Jack Russell Terrier (Woodso) made a remarkable recovery after being mauled - thanks to his love of ice cream!

Poor Woodso had been attacked by another dog (belonging to the same family) and was left with his neck broken and torn. A veterinary surgeon performed 2 operations and managed to save Woodso's life but his injuries left him terribly weak and unable to eat. His owner was desperate to find a solution and thought hard about what she would do if her throat was terribly sore ... and came up with the idea of ice cream. Smooth, cool yet nourishing. And guess what? It did the trick! Woodso lapped it up and found he could swallow again. At the same time it gave him nourishment which he badly needed and seemed to lift his spirits. He was a long time recovering from his injuries but his owner is convinced that ice cream made the difference.

"He still loves the stuf and I'm sure it saved his life" she said.

Now there's 's a little bit of cream magic if ever I saw it!

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