Jan 5, 2010

Cesar Millan & Ice Cream - Again!

In my last post I talked about Dog Whisperer ice cream - Cesar Millan and ice cream connections. Not long after writing that I found myself watching another show in the series and Cesar made a reference to ice cream. What a coincidence!

Cesar didn't talk about giving ice cream to his dogs or anything like that ... no, he was referring to someone whom he was trying to help handle his dog better. The man (Nate) impressed Cesar so much by his enthusiasm to learn and then get on with implementing the new techniques that Cesar got excited, smiled and said to the camera ...

"He's like a kid who did his homework and he's gonna get ice cream!"

I thought that was a wonderful analogy. Adults, dogs, kids and ice cream all rolled into one. Cesar you could become a real philosopher at this rate! Great stuff :)

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