May 12, 2010

David Cameron - The New Ice Cream Man

Ice cream and politics go hand in hand - didn't you know?

Last year, I wrote in the Blog Of Ice Cream about how President Obama enjoyed ice cream more than once whilst on the election campaign trail and in my website there's a whole page dedicated to US Presidents and ice cream.

Well, as British politics enters a new era it was with great interest that I read about Prime Minister David Cameron's associations with ice cream ... here are just a few of them.

During the recent election campaign he was happy to be photographed by the press eating a vanilla ice cream cone - see this Daily Telegraph piece

His speechwriter, Clare Foges, apparently worked for a time back in 2006 serving ice cream from a van in Guildford. She joined David Cameron's team in 2008.

Writer and comedian Stephen Fry recently used ice cream in a wonderful analogy when assessing the possible aspects of a coalition deal between David Cameron and Nick Clegg (before it was formally announced) ... see his blog post Stalemate: PR and PR, Ice Cream, Bananas and Fudge

The world of politics it would seem cannot live without ice cream any more than the rest of us!

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