Jun 30, 2010

Don't Forget The Ice Cream Glasses & Spoons!

When making ice cream, it's not just about choosing the right recipe but - and this you have to work out BEFORE you make the ice cream - also about HOW YOU ARE GOING TO SERVE IT.

Fresh, homemade ice cream is always best eaten immediately as I find it can lose quality of texture and taste after being stored in the freezer. Therefore, whenever I make a new batch of ice cream I get all the accessories I'm going to need ready first. That way, the moment the ice cream maker beeps to say the ice cream is ready, I'm all set.

Q: So what are these 'ice cream accessories'?

A: Here's what you need ready to hand to serve your homemade ice cream well ....

  • Ice cream scoop - I have used many over the years and nothing beats a quality, stainless steel ice cream scoop. Smooth in its action and easy to handle with consistency of scoop every time.

  • Ice cream dishes or ice cream glasses - if you are serving ice cream as a dessert at the dinner table or offering party guests a special ice cream sundae, then you will need to have your dishes or glasses washed, dried and ready. Sometimes I opt to chill them for 15 minutes or so in the fridge before serving the ice cream as it stops it melting too fast.

  • Ice cream spoons - these long-handled spoons are both practical and fun. My late father always enjoyed being handed a 'proper' ice cream spoon to eat his ice cream sundae with. I have plastic ice cream spoons with novelty decorations on the top of the handle which children love to use and also stainless steel ones. Click on the link to see a picture of them.

  • Ice cream cones - if your homemade ice cream is not going to be a formal dessert but just a quick scoop or two for everyone on a sunny afternoon, then an ice cream cone treat is ideal. So you need to have the cones out of the box and ready to use.

  • Paper napkins - a MUST to have ready to hand both for dinner guests and for if it's an ice cream cone occasion.

Here is my Special Ice Cream Spoons post for anyone who hasn't read it

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