Jun 12, 2010

Movie Stars Just Love Ice Cream!

As I commented recently, ice cream is a common feature in movies - from 'Borat' to 'Help!' to 'Iron Man' and lots more (read my ice cream in the movies page).

However, it seems that it doesn't end there with the movie industry because many movie stars themselves and/or their children make no secret of their own love of ice cream when out and about in public.

Just take a look at these reports and pictures ....

Jolie-Pitt Kids Enjoy Ice Cream In Italy

Jackie Chan treats friends and family to ice cream in Australia (you need to scroll to about 2/3 way down this long page - there are some great photos here, many by Jackie himself)
NOTE: Read about Jackie Chan's favorite ice cream in my famous people and ice cream page.

Russell Crowe treats his boys to ice cream in Australia

As reported in my own page on movie stars and ice cream, the much loved comic actor Lou Costello's last words were reported to have included 'ice cream'.

All the above echoes just one thing ... that ice cream is indelibly imprinted in our consciousness and our culture, whoever we are.

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