Jun 6, 2010

Sauce Too Hot For Ice Cream!

Today we spent a wonderful couple of hours in the company of friends. We sat in the summer sunshine outside enjoying what is always great and entertaining conversation but to add to the delight, we were brought an array of 'nibbles' which included some super cheeses, oatcakes, a bowl of homemade Russian salad and a large dish of tortilla chips. We were told that we had to try some of the homemade dips with the tortilla chips. On the table were two bowls of the most colourful dips you have ever seen in your life! Here they are:

One was a hot, sweet chili dip and the other ... well, he didn't give it a name. We were challenged to guess what it was. I tasted it carefully ... there was fruit in there somewhere along with a strong taste of mint and, yes, definitely some mustard though not a strong one. Our friends smiled and then revealed that the fruit was mango and the mustard Dijon. Alongside these and the mint was a little cumin, hence the fabulous colour which complimented the colour of the mangoes. It was delicious - mild yet spicy, minty and fruity!

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