Aug 8, 2010

Ice Cream Cone Holder - A Welcome Idea

Have you noticed how, whenever you eat an ice cream cone there's always a bit which melts without you noticing and drips down onto your fingers? It then risks getting on your clothes and, what's more, it tends to all gather at the base of the cone and make it soggy and sticky.

Some people would say that's part of the fun of ice cream and when I was a child I would definitely have agreed .... but now? Well, I must admit to finding myself clutching a paper tissue in readiness before I even get served at the ice cream counter!

Countenance my delight, therefore, when I was recently handed an ice cream cone in its own paper cone holder - free of charge and without asking. It was even branded with the local ice cream maker's name .... a nice little marketing ploy and one I wholly congratulate them on.

Here's a picture of the mint choc chip ice cream cone my son chose - you can see the paper cone holder quite clearly.

FOOTNOTE: In N. Ireland they use the term ice cream poke instead of ice cream cone.

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