Sep 12, 2010

Ice Cream Sales Go Pink

As the summer draws to a close, the memories of sunshine and fun start to crystallize and for many people - adults and children alike - summer fun is often associated with ice cream.

You might have spotted an ice cream sales cart on a beach whilst on holiday and enjoyed a refreshing water ice whilst to cool you down .... you might have been to one of the many super ice cream parlors around these days for a special celebration treat and enjoyed a fabulous ice cream sundae .... or you might have simply enjoyed a weekly visit from your local ice cream truck offering locally made ice cream.

An increasing trend I have noticed is the number of ice cream kiosks outside stores during the summer hoping to tempt shoppers into an ice cream cone. Here is a photograph of one of the prettiest ice cream kiosks I have ever seen - painted PINK!

It certainly caught the eye as you walked past so there was no chance of failing to notice it. Now that's what I call good point of sale marketing!

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