Sep 3, 2010

A Lifelong Love Of Ice Cream

I have written many times before about how I was brought up to enjoy ice cream as a special treat and with a sense of fun.

My late father perfected the art of how to truly appreciate a good ice cream sundae, his favourite being the Knickerbocker Glory. So it was that he became my 'Knickerbocker Glory Champion' and the memories of our visits to ice cream parlours at English seaside resorts when I was a child will stay with me for ever.

Well, the family tradition continues throughout all 3 generations of my family that are still living, from my mother to myself to my son. Here is my mother (Betty) enjoying an ice cream cone whilst out on a recent walk with us. Notice the experience of years of handling ice cream cones - the paper tissue delicately wrapped around the base of the ice cream cone and not a splash of ice cream anywhere on her clothes :)

I am delighted to share this picture with my Blog Of Ice Cream readers especially today - on what is my mother's 79th birthday.

Happy Birthday Mum!

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