Sep 8, 2010

Medieval Church Triggers Ice Cream Memories

I just came across a wonderful web page about a historic medieval church in London. I'm a big fan of medieval history to be honest so am always on the lookout for new and interesting, related websites.

Thinking of this London church, reminded me of my recent day spent in London with my dear friend Mary during which we ate a delicious Eton Mess ice cream dessert at her local pub! It had followed a super salad for lunch and was the ideal 'icing on the cake' on a warm summer's day in the city. The Eton Mess must have made a big impression on me because since that day I have begun to notice it being mentioned more and more in the media.

Top TV chefs such as Nigella Lawson and Delia Smith have both published Eton Mess recipes and Nigella has even starting referring to it when publishing other recipes! I found an example here on a Daily Mail article where she writes about a Lemon Meringue Fool recipe and says:

"Think of it as Eton mess, Amalfi style."

Now that's what I call popularising an ice cream term! What's more, I never would have read that if it hadn't been for the medieval church page - who says history is dead?!

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