Oct 26, 2010

Halloween Hot Chocolate

Here's a little gem of a recipe for a hot, sweet treat on Halloween.

I came across it in an English coffee shop. I was just waiting for my delicious take-away latte when a poster on the wall caught my eye. It was an advert for one of the cafe's 'specials' - an offer just for Halloween ......

A bat-shaped cookie with a glass of hot chocolate - GREEN hot chocolate!

I had to ask what this green hot chocolate idea was all about. The girl behind the counter (Emma) explained with a smile that it was her own recipe - she loves Halloween and wanted to come up with something that would be fun. I instantly related to that idea and explained how I developed my Gothic ice cream recipe for the very same reason.

Q: So what is Emma's special recipe?
A: She uses white chocolate and then blends in a green, mint flavoring (the type used in specialty coffees).

Emma kindly emailed me a photograph, published herewith by kind permission.

A ghoulish green hot chocolate - that's what I call a 'hot' idea for a Halloween treat!
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