Oct 23, 2010

Toffee Ice Cream - A Treat For Halloween

Here is a recipe for toffee ice cream. It takes longer to make than the average homemade ice cream because you have to make your own toffee by boiling a can of condensed milk BUT it is well worth the effort!

Whenever I have made toffee ice cream or indeed whenever I have been out walking with friends or family and called at an ice cream kiosk, no-one has ever said they don't like toffee ice cream. It seems to have a universal appeal.

Although I enjoy making my own toffee ice cream, I must admit to occasionally enjoying commercially made toffee ice cream. I don't mean the stuff you get from supermarkets, oh no .... I mean the kind of ice cream that you might find produced by a local dairy farm.

Where I live we are fortunate to have a number of dairy farms who produce superb ice cream. Here is a photograph of me having just purchased just such a toffee ice cream in a cone whilst on a walk with my family earlier this year. Notice the wonderful texture and marbling effect .... delicious!

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