Nov 5, 2010

Anyone For Smurf Ice Cream?

Now that Halloween's over I can get back to my daydreaming about France and the wonderful French ice cream that I and my family encountered back in September.

Do you recall my blog post on 1 November? Well, it featured a photograph of some rather unusual ice creams. I challenged you to guess the flavors and promised to reveal all in due course.

Well, here is one of the answers. The flourescent blue ice cream is called Schtroumpf.

When I first saw this ice cream I was puzzled -what on earth was that? Some kind of fruit or vegetable? Nope! It's Smurf ice cream!

"Schtroumpf" is the word used in France for "The Smurfs" a series of cartoon characters made popular some years ago. They were little creatures all of a fluorescent blue color.

Don't ask me what it tastes like because I didn't have any - there were simply too many other tempting choices at that particular ice cream parlour. An excuse for going back there if ever there was one :-)

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