Nov 1, 2010

Ice Cream Good Enough For Johnny Depp Perhaps

French ice cream is a real treat - as you will have gathered from my enthusiasm in previous ice cream blog posts!

One of the things that stuck me most about the glaces maison I came across in France was the sheer variety of flavors. I have made a lot of ice cream in my life and tried many unusual ice cream recipes but there were several ice creams in France that I never imagined I would see! French ice cream makers (glace fabricants) are certainly not shy when it comes to being daring with ice cream recipes.

Here is a photograph I took of an ice cream parlour display cabinet on the Île de Ré (a beautiful little island off the coast of La Rochelle where even Johnny Depp has been spotted according to Wikipedia). You never know, he might just have tried one of these ice creams!

So ... can you guess the ice cream flavors?

All will be revealed in forthcoming ice cream blog posts - stay tuned!

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