Nov 11, 2010

Poppy Day - Lest We Forget

My last post about poppy ice cream was possibly more appropriate in its timing that I had realised, for this Sunday is Remembrance Day - a day when people in Commonwealth countries take time to remember and honour those who have made sacrifices in times of war and military conflict.

Remembrance Day is symbolised by the red poppy, paper copies of which are sold on street corners in most towns and cities by the Poppy Appeal charity in exchange for a small donation. I have had my little red poppy for about 10 days now and wear it with .... well, how can I put it ....I suppose it's a sense of gratitude. We owe so much to others who have willingly given their lives in the name of freedom and the search for peace.

A close friend has just published a wonderful blog post entitled 'Lest We Forget', the last paragraph of which sums up beautifully why the red poppy is such a powerful symbol:

"Is it too fanciful to imagine that, with each poppy sold, there is sold a seed? A poppy seed of love, compassion, reconciliation, forgiveness and hope. A seed that will germinate and take root, and whose flowers that will never know the crushing boots of greed and aggression. Will these poppies flourish? For the sake of those who died, and for the sake of those who mourn . . . we must ensure that they do."

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