Nov 22, 2010

Thanksgiving With An Ice Cream Treat

25 November this year is a day for celebrating the good things in life - it's Thanksgiving.

Every Thanksgiving is something to look forward to and for many families it as important as the celebration of Christmas. If you are celebrating Thanksgiving this year you may be looking for some new ideas to feed your family and friends.

Here's my tip for a super Thanksgiving dessert .... make some homemade real vanilla ice cream - like the ice cream in the photograph showing the dark brown little vanilla pod seeds. Serve it on top of hot, homemade apple pie!

On the other hand, if you think no-one will want pie because they've eaten too much turkey, then just make a batch of homemade ice cream to enjoy on its own. My Thanksgiving ice cream page list a couple of delicious ice cream recipes ideal for the occasion - one involving pecan nuts and the other white chocolate.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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