Feb 21, 2011

1959 - A Good Year For Ice Cream & Wedding Songs

Ice cream is a wonderful treat and when it comes to a special celebration, it usually figures in there somewhere.

Talking of special celebrations, maybe today is such an occasion for you. If not, then share with me in a special anniversary celebration .... the 52nd wedding anniversary of Brian and Pam, a couple I've known for a long time who share a great love of all things good in life.

They married in 1959 and honeymooned in London. The world was such a different place then - no-one had ever heard of Ben & Jerry's and it was only in that year in fact that the sale of frozen ice cream cones became possible when an Italian ice cream maker found a way of insulating a waffle cone against becoming soggy from the ice cream by coating the inside of the cone with oil, sugar and chocolate.

Apart from that wonderful invention, 1959 was a particularly good year for music with releases from the likes of Frank Sinatra, Brook Benton, Elvis, Paul Anka and Frankie Avalon. One song released in 1959 was particularly appropriate for Brian and Pam - sung by Andy Williams (my Dad's favourite singer) and here it is again today ....

"The Hawaiian Wedding Song"

Happy Anniversary!

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