Feb 15, 2011

Dog Ice Cream Recipes

First of all, let me say that I have never developed an ice cream recipe for dogs - so don't get the wrong idea about this blog post! So why the title? Well, I study the visitor statistics of my ice cream recipes website and also my ice cream blog and occasionally I see new trends emerging, some of which are fascinating.

The latest trend is the increasing number of times people have found my site or blog using the keyword search 'dog ice cream recipes'. I was amazed but when I did a Google search for the term, 2 of my pages were in the top 10!

This blog post about Cesar Millan's favourite ice cream
This web page in which I refer to YouTube videos of pets eating ice cream

In some small way I am sorry that my pages didn't offer what the people were looking for but I think I'd prefer to live with a tiny trace of guilt rather than actually develop dog ice cream recipes. As my dear father used to remind me .... you have to know where to draw the line!

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