Feb 13, 2011

A Loving Cup Of Ice Cream For Valentine's Day

If romance is in the air for you this Valentine's Day, then you'll be looking for a way to impress your loved one. You might send a card, buy them a special present or take them out to the cinema or a restaurant.

For some, however, the preferred option will be to stay home and enjoy a romantic evening in with a home-cooked meal, a nice bottle of wine and an indulgent dessert. A creamy, rich, homemade ice cream is the answer - such as this sumptuous Butter Pecan ice cream. The taste can make you go weak at the knees but serve it in a single dish with two spoons and that's what I call sharing a 'loving cup'!

My ice cream blog has been going for 4 years now which makes this my fourth Valentine Ice Cream post. If you missed the other 3 posts here's the link - Valentine Ice Cream.

PS. Butter Pecan is reported to be Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan's favorite ice cream!

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