Mar 25, 2011

The Unusual In Ice Cream

The more time goes on the more I get to hear about unusual ice cream recipes.

I suppose it's only natural that people like push the boundaries with everything they can - from technology, to world records in sport, to food. So there's no reason why ice cream should be an exception.

Unusual ice cream comes in all shapes and sizes. It might be savory or alcoholic, based on fish, seafood or meat or it could even be a combination of any of these!

The extreme end of the scale with unusual ice cream comes in the form of things like oyster ice cream or beer ice cream. These are typical of ice cream popular in Japan - read more about Japanese ice cream. Gino Soldan a master gelatiere once told me that you can basically make ice cream out of anything - it doesn't mean to say that the flavor is palatable to everyone, but it can be done. He proved this by making Cheddar Cheese ice cream, Bangers & Mash ice cream and even Yorkshire Pudding * ice cream!

I have to be honest and say that I tend to go for the less extreme with my unusual ice cream recipes - opting for the likes of licorice ice cream (made with licorice toffee), prune ice cream and marmalade ice cream as just a few examples.

* If you're not familiar with Yorkshire Pudding it's a traditional English dish usually served with roast meat such as beef. There's a recipe on this BBC page about Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding. Here is another Yorkshire Pudding recipe which my friend Jan always uses.

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