Jul 1, 2011

4th July Ice Cream

4th July .... everyone seems busy finalising their plans for the holiday. Some will be at the beach, others at home or visiting friends and family. I was just reading about 4th July celebrations in New York - from fireworks with music to hot dog eating contests, it's amazing!

So how will you celebrate this special day? Whatever your plans, food will play a part - and that usually involves just a little bit of indulgence ... a sumptuous bbq perhaps or a formal meal featuring a special recipe or it could even be something much simpler like a bowl of fresh homemade ice cream. After all, food doesn't have to be complex to be special!

If you look in your favorite magazine or daily newspaper this week you'll no doubt come across lots of food ideas for 4th July. The same applies to the Internet ... there seem to be 4th July recipes everywhere and ice cream is no exception. The attempts to conjur up something red, white and blue with ice cream are mind boggling!

Here are a couple of 'patriotic' recipes I found on the Internet earlier that use a combination of ice cream, strawberries and blueberries ....

Recipe for red white and blue ice cream sandwiches
Recipe for 'Ice Cream Tunnel Cake'

I haven't tried either of these (yet) but if you want a red white and blue dessert theme, they may provide you with some inspiration.

For my part, I prefer to stick with the theme of 'Independence' when it comes to food this holiday. How? By serving something quite 'independent' of all other influences and trends - real vanilla ice cream. Definitive independent thinking is after all one of the joys of living in a democracy and if that's not worth celebrating on 4th July, nothing is!

Another reason for celebrating this 4th July of course is if it happens to be your birthday ... as is the case with ex-tennis pros Pam Shriver (USA) and Henri Leconte (France). Sharing their good company is my cousin Barbara who lives in the beautiful English county of Devon where they produce some of the world's best dairy cream. "Happy Birthday Bar!".

Happy 4th July everyone :)

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