Aug 18, 2011

Eating Ice Cream In Bed

Eating ice cream is a pleasurable experience let's face it so where do people most enjoy eating ice cream? Sitting in front of tv? At the cinema? In an ice cream parlor? On the beach? In bed? Yes that last question is correct!

Apparently, many people love to eat ice cream when they are in bed. As my page on ice cream and movie stars explains, Brad Pitt is reported to have said after marrying Jennifer Aniston "Being married means I can fart and eat ice cream in bed."

Eating ice cream in bed is one of a number of common ice cream indiscretions that people readily admit to. Others include keeping a secret stash of ice cream hidden away in the freezer, eating ice cream in the bath and even eating ice cream for breakfast!

If your inclination is to curl up in bed and watch a movie whilst tucking into a bowl of ice cream, then you might be well advised to invest in a bed that combines quality with practicality such as a faux leather bed. Why? Because it's stylish yet not expensive AND you can clean off those ice cream stains from the headboard!

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