Aug 25, 2011

Vanishing Ice Cream Trick

Ice cream is such a popular subject that it is referred to in all forms of entertainment. From books to movies and more, ice cream features heavily in comedy and children's stories.

I was watching an episode of Scooby-Doo Where Are You? (from 1970) with my son this evening and smiled as the opening scenes of 'Nowhere To Hyde' showed the gang in the Malt Shop about to eat double fudge ice cream sundaes. They had just been to a magic show at their high school which prompted Scooby to demonstrate his own magic trick. He made both his own and Shaggy's ice cream sundae disappear - into his mouth! Velma described it as "The Vanishing Ice Cream trick".

Later in the story when Scooby was trying to tell the gang that there was a ghost in the back of the Mystery Machine, Velma didn't take him seriously and said he'd just eaten too much ice cream!

Making ice cream vanish isn't too difficult a trick to perform of course but if it's homemade ice cream it usually disappears a lot faster! There is some interesting reading for anyone interested in learning some genuine magic trucks. Poker players in particular take note - there are some great poker card tricks out there and if you're not familiar with poker you can always read up first on holdem poker rules.

Getting back to Scooby-Doo .... if you're a fan then you might enjoy reading my ice cream and Scooby-Doo web page.

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