Sep 5, 2011

Summer Ice Cream Treats - Picture 3

Summer Ice Cream - Picture 3
Taken in France on the beautiful Île de Ré in the Vendée region of France, this picture shows a close up of a delicious ice cream cone. It wasn't around for long!

I remember the day well because the camera had been really busy! We came back with shots of all sorts of interesting things we had seen along the route including pictures for a variety of sites and blogs that I'm involved with (medieval recipes to ghostly ancient castles and more!).

Back to the sublime .... read more about French ice cream. There's nothing quite like it :)

PS. Just conducted a poll on my ice cream recipes Facebook page. I asked how people liked their ice cream served - in a cone, a bowl, or some other way. Ice cream cone was the winner! As a result I've started a Facebook cone gallery

PPS. If you like the look of this ice cream, here is a great page about Vendée food and wine. When it comes to food, whether starters, main courses or desserts, the French really do have that 'savoir faire'.

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