Feb 20, 2012

Pancake Day Ice Cream

Pancake Day and another great excuse for some special home cooking!

Pancakes are popular with people for 2 different reasons - those with a sweet tooth and those with a savory tooth.

In the USA pancakes are a traditional breakfast menu item with many people opting for pancakes and maple syrup, sometimes with bacon. Delicious!

In the UK pancakes are eaten less often but on Pancake Day many people use them as the base for their main meal serving homemade pancakes with stew (meat, vegetables and gravy) or even curry.  Then for dessert they may have another pancake but a 'lightweight' sweet one using lemon juice and icing sugar as a topping. My friend Barbara Goodman serves "Scottish Pancakes" with a choice of sweet topping at her coffee shop as a special Pancake Day dessert.

In France, pancakes (crêpes to the French) are a common and very popular dessert. This is a French pancake (crêpe) with vanilla ice cream, sweet cream (chantilly) and nougat sauce, served by a great artisan glacier in the Vendée. Great at any time of the year, not just Pancake Day!

Happy ice cream eating on Pancake Day :-)

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