Mar 25, 2012

Second Hand Ice Cream Cones

Ice cream in the movies - that's something I've noticed a lot over the years. We are real movie buffs in my family and given my passion for ice cream making it's not therefore surprising that I have noted many movie scenes with an ice cream theme.

One of my favorite movies with an ice cream theme is "Come Clean" a short film by Laurel & Hardy made in 1931. The scene where Stan and Ollie go to the ice cream parlor for some chocolate ice cream is a classic - check out the scene extract on my ice cream comedy page.

Stan Laurel was a comic genius of that there's no doubt. His use of the surreal was way ahead of its time. A good example and one that relates to ice cream is one I saw just the other day ... they are in a fix as usual and go into a pawnbroker's shop.

As they come out Ollie says "Why did you have to ask if they had any second hand ice cream cones?" Most ice cream cones of course get eaten completely but should one survive intact, can you imagine what a second-hand one would look like? The mind boggles!

I don't recall anyone else ever referring to the idea of a second hand ice cream cone in a movie - such was the comic genius of Laurel & Hardy. Thank you boys - I'm sure you loved ice cream as much as the rest of us :)

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