Apr 10, 2012

Avalanche Experts Try To Improve Ice Cream

Just when you thought that ice cream couldn't get any better, a new idea comes along .... they bring in the avalanche experts!

Studying the formation of ice crystals clearly carries a worth when understanding avalanches but it seems that the very same knowledge may hold the key to perfecting the texture and taste of ice cream. This bbc news article gives more detail.

For my part, having made lots of homemade ice cream over the years, I have long known that the texture of ice cream can vary enormously and as the texture varies so does the taste. If you get too many ice crytals in an ice cream mix it simply doesn't taste tood; difficult to describe, it has something of a 'metallic' taste. Today in fact was a great example of what I'm trying to explain here .... I made some licorice ice cream and the moment it came out of my ice cream maker it was a wonderful texture - smooth yet sticky and solid enough and it scooped really easily. There was no need to pop it in the freezer for a short time as can sometimes be necessary.

It's not always like this with ice cream recipes which is why I often try out a recipe then refine it several times, changing the balance of ingredients. Often it's the sugar content that has to be changed to give a better texture/taste.

So 'Good Luck' to the avalanche experts. I await news of their efforts with great interest - if they're successful we'll all be the happier for it!

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