Apr 7, 2012

Easter Ice Cream Treats

Homemade ice cream is a special treat any time but particularly so on special holidays. Easter is a good example. Families and friends get together and often celebrate Easter by sharing a home-cooked meal.

"What's for dessert?" is a common question from the children sat at the dinner table and if the answer by any chance is "Ice cream!" then you can be sure there will be shrieks of glee. Such is the appeal of ice cream.

So what's a good ice cream to make for Easter? Well, it depends upon whether you want to stick with standard favorites or be more adventurous. So I'm going to make a suggestion in each direction ....

A top 10 favorite and usually a safe bet to be popular amongst guests is banana ice cream; it appeals to children and adults alike and is an easy ice cream to make.

Being more adventurous and if you have a little extra time to devote to your ice cream making, you could go for rhubarb and vanilla custard ice cream. My family loves it!

If neither of the above appeals to you as an Easter ice cream then there's a wider selection of ice cream recipes available on the following pages - popular ice cream and unusual ice cream.

Whatever ice cream you choose, make it a Happy Easter!

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