Aug 24, 2012

His N Hers Ice Cream - Is Chocolate Best?

Ice cream might not be thought of as a fashion accessory but you'd be surprised! Well, it's not like wearing jewelry as it doesn't get to last that long but there is definitely a difference in the way men and women make their ice cream choices.

Take this picture for example ... notice how the woman in front has chosen a pink ice cream to go with her scoop of vanilla, creating a lovely, colorful contrast to her black t shirt. The man, however, did not ... no, even though the flavor might be fabulous, he couldn't be seen eating pink ice cream. Also it might clash with his bright red shirt! Instead he chose possibly the most 2 popular flavors of ice cream in the world ... vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Some things never change :-)

If you like chocolate ice cream, check out these 2 fabulous chocolate ice cream sundae treats which were enjoyed almost 4,000 miles apart!

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