Sep 30, 2012

Oranges & Apples - A Succulent Recipe For Sorbet

Fruit in ice cream has to be one of the best ways of giving your family a tasty yet refreshing treat. Some people tend to shy away from fruit ice cream, preferring something more creamy and rich such as chocolate ice cream or caramel ice cream.  I love those ice creams too but it's great to ring the changes and try something a little different occasionally.

When I make ice cream with fruit as a main ingredient I tend to make a sorbet - such as this orange sorbet recipe which is one of my favorites. However, I always use 'regular' oranges which is why I was delighted to find a blood orange sorbet at an ice cream parlor this summer (photo above). It was really refreshing and very strong in taste - much stronger than my orange sorbet - and the color speaks for itself!

I had a similar experience with apples in ice cream. Again, I tend to use 'regular' apples (usually from my garden) which I puree to make apple sorbet. The photo below, however, is of 'green apple' ice cream which I came across in France.

It was not a sorbet, neither was it a cream based ice cream - something of a hybrid really! Soft and milky but with more of a sorbet texture. If I ever get back to that ice cream parlor I want to know the recipe!

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