Sep 21, 2012

Pistachio To Pecan - Just Nuts About Ice Cream!

Pistachio ice cream is a great favorite in my family. The color, taste and texture is unique. Whenever we get to visit an ice cream parlor we tend to check out their pistachio ice cream and you can usually tell just by the look of it if it's going to be any good. The one in the photograph above (matched with a scoop of caramel ice cream) was every bit as good as it looked!

In addition to pistachios, there are plenty of other nuts that work well in ice cream recipes. Pecan nuts, hazlenuts, macademia nuts and walnuts are good examples. This pecan ice cream smothered in caramel sauce is another example of how great ice cream can look.

Here is one of my own favorite nut ice cream recipes - butter pecan ice cream. Read more about ice cream and nuts.

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