Sep 9, 2012

Unusual Ice Cream - Caviar To Bubblegum

Unusual ice cream has long been a passion of mine - not just to make but to research and write about. Some of the most unusual ice cream in the world is Japanese ice cream - from octopus to cactus ice cream and even viagra ice cream, Japan is THE place if you want to try unusual ice cream!

French ice cream can also be a little 'adventurous' - how about oyster and caviar ice cream?

Returning to the world of more palatable ice cream flavors, a popular yet quite unusual flavor is bubblegum ice cream. I haven't made this flavor of ice cream myself yet - I prefer to make ice cream from more basic, natural ingredients to be honest. However, it's the kind of ice cream that kids love and can usually be found at good ice cream parlors, especially in popular tourist areas.

The interesting thing I've found in my visits to many ice cream parlors over the years, is the sheer variety of recipes used even in making the same ice cream flavor. These 2 photographs are a great example ....

Photo 1 - Bubblegum ice cream on sale in an ice cream parlor

Photo 2 - Bubblegum ice cream in an ice cream parlor just down the road from the one above

So incredibly different yet they are the same flavor. That's the magic of ice cream!

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