Nov 11, 2012

Gelato Love

When you love ice cream as much as I do it's great to see someone else with enthusiasm on the same subject. I love the way that social media interaction allows people to share their ideas and their passion for things and I was browsing on Google+ earlier when I came across a great article called The Beginners Guide to Gelato. Clearly written by someone with a real interest in ice cream it's well worth reading - check out the full post here.

Now that's serious ice cream cone!

I first wrote about gelato many years ago and, having been to Italy and tasted 'real' Italian gelato, I can tell you it is quite different to what we all generally call  'ice cream'. It's important to understand the difference and my gelato page helps de-mystify it. Not everyone can get to go to Italy to try gelato though, so the next best thing is to find a good local ice cream parlor which makes its own gelato OR you can even make some at home. It may not be exactly like the master ice cream makers of Italy make but it's still a tasty treat and fun to make.



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