Apr 29, 2013

Simply Bananas About Ice Cream

Ice cream cones are always welcome on a warm sunny afternoon whilst out walking. It doesn't matter which country you might be in or where you might be walking because there is just something perennially attractive about a simple ice cream cone.

The only problem tends to be choosing a flavor because there are so many to chose from. I was at any ice cream parlor the other day where there were no less than 30 ice cream flavors on display, some of which I had never seen before and that's saying something!

Amongst the flavors on offer were chestnut, saffron, prune and goat's cheese and the parlor owner was kind enough to give me a taste of them all. How's that for sharing in a passion for ice cream!

The fact that I had just had an appetizing lunch meant that I didn't feel adventurous enough to try any one of those really unusual flavors but I promised myself I would return another time and do so :)

So what did I settle for? Simple banana ice cream. Absolutely delicious.

If you fancy trying some at home here is my own simple and easy banana ice cream recipe. It's ideal for when you're in a rush or need a quick treat using simple ingredients. It also doesn't require any eggs. 

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