Feb 13, 2014

Valentine Ice Cream Has To Be Pink

Anyone who can resist a Valentine's Day ice cream has a will of iron! Let's face it most of us look for any excuse to eat ice cream and if there's a special occasion around the corner we will make the most of it. Valentine's Day is associated with love and the color most associated with love is pink.

Pink ice cream sandwiches for Valentine's Day
made by my friend Barbara

Pink ice cream on Valentine's Day is perfect. Giving a pink ice cream treat to a loved one helps get the message of love across loud and clear and even if you just want to give a Valentine's treat out of friendship or just a bit of fun, pink ice cream is still probably the best choice.

Pink ice cream of course usually strawberry but it doesn't have to be ... I made a fabulous pink rhubarb sorbet ice cream. Here is the recipe

If after all I've said you don't fancy pink ice cream then here are some fabulous ice cream flavors you can try making at home using my tried and tested recipes .....
Rhubarb & Custard
Rocky Road
Creme Brulee Ice Cream

My rocky road ice cream

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