Mar 21, 2014

Ice Cream Bear For A New Baby

One of the best recipes in life is the recipe of a happy family. Recently my Mother shared with me the lovely news that my cousin Gillian's son Mark and his wife Emma had been blessed with the birth of a beautiful daughter Isobel Gillian.

My cousin Gillian passed away sadly not very long ago but I know she would have been thrilled at the birth of a grand-daughter.

So is there an ice cream connection in this story? Well, yes actually, there are 2 ice cream connections and I would like to share them with you today.

First of all, I have had a lifelong passion for ice cream with many happy childhood memories related to enjoying ice cream. As a child I spent many happy hours playing with my cousins Terry, Janette, Glyn, Allan and Gillian. My cousin Gillian was the eldest amongst us and she would invariably be charged with ensuring we didn't get into too much mischief. Occasionally an ice cream van would come along when we were out playing and we would rush into whichever cousin's house was nearest to see if we could persuade an aunt or uncle into allowing us an ice cream treat. We had the occasional success but invariably it was too close to tea-time for us to be allowed an ice cream on the basis it would ruin our dinner. Try telling that to a 8-12 year old group of cousins and getting them to believe you! Occasionally, however, our families would go together on a day trip to the seaside (usually Scarborough or Bridlington in Yorkshire) and this was the most likely bet for us all to get an ice cream treat. Oh how we enjoyed those ice cream cones - happy days :)

Secondly, my cousin Gillian's sister Iris once knitted me a wonderful white polar bear holding an ice cream cone. She's called Paula Bear and sits beside my desk in my study watching me write my blog.

Whenever I see Paula Bear I cannot help but smile. It is a treat that little Isobel Gillian will also get to enjoy because Iris has knitted one for her too. Lucky little girl! I hope that Isobel Gillian will follow in the footsteps of her grandmother and her cousins and develop a lifelong love of ice cream. Oh what fun awaits!

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