Jan 11, 2017

Delicious Ice Cream Gallery

Have you ever enjoyed an ice cream but you were unable to describe how delicious it was? I have had that experience many times which is why I always try to take a picture whenever I have a special sundae or an unusual ice cream cone.

A search engine like Google is always looking for 'keywords' and 'relevancy' in a blog post and whilst that is good practice if you want to rank a page, it does not always suit the purpose of what and how you want to describe something to your blog readers. Sometimes words just don't do the subject justice and when it comes to ice cream, I can tell you that that is definitely the case!

This post is a prime example of what I am talking about. My idea for the post was to share with readers some of the most delicious ice creams that I, my family and friends have ever eaten. I am certain that the best way is to share the pictures and use very few words because I want you to use your own imagination about how the flavor and texture of each ice cream in its own right.

Ice cream sandwich with bubblegum and banana ice cream

Blue vanilla, coconut and chocolate ice cream cone

French crepe with vanilla ice cream

Profiteroles with real vanilla ice cream

Caramel ice cream sundae

Red fruits sorbet sundae

After looking at these I hope you will agree that pictures can sometimes really tell a story better than words. That is why I LOVE taking pictures of ice cream so that I can demonstrate just how glorious a fun food it is :)