Apr 5, 2023

AI Ice Cream - Make Mine A Melting Cone!

So what, you might ask, has AI got to do with enjoying an ice cream cone? 

Well, when you're not eating ice cream, you might want to find some great ice cream images to send in social media messages to friends and loved ones or to print on a homemade card for someone's birthday or other celebration.

You can of course use Pixabay which is a great free platform but the time has arrived when it's easy to make your own ice cream images using AI bots and text prompts just from ideas in your own head.

AI and the Virtual Ice Cream Cone

The other day I decided to have a go and see what kind of AI ice cream I could conjure up. With so many real photos of my own, I looked through my archive and realised that the one type of photo that is always difficult to capture is of  melting or dripping ice cream. To me, the idea of scoops of ice cream topped with sauce all melting together down the side of a cone is a simply delicious prospect! So, I worked out the text prompts that would work best in one of the AI image bots and here's what I came up with .....

Wow! A vanilla cone with strawberry sauce topping all melting yet still edible.OK, thought, so how about taking it a step further and adding more flavors of ice cream and sauce. 
This was the result  ....

For my first attempt I was rather pleased. 

AI is likely to change people's lives in the same way the mobile phone has. Many people will doubtless conjure up lots of delicious ice cream recipes and photos with AI. However, the one constant in any REAL kitchen will be the freezer or ice cream machine that allows us to readily enjoy creating REAL  homemade ice cream to enjoy.

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