Sep 12, 2007

Ice Cream At The Seaside

During the summer vacation I took a couple of 'day trips' to the seaside with my family. It had been a while since we last did this and I wondered how much had remained the same, including the popularity of ice cream and how it always seems to have been enjoyed in such places. Well, I was more than pleasantly surprised!

One one trip, not only did I see lots of people walking around eating ice cream cones, children and adults alike, but there was a long, long queue at a local ice cream parlor. I couldn't resist, I had to go in and while I was there I started talking to the owner who proudly told me they had made ice cream on their premises since the 1920's and he was the third generation in the family to run the business. Here's a photo of one of their ice cream tubs.

On the second day trip, again I saw lots and lots of people walking happily on the sea front eating ice cream - in cones or on waffles. Later in the day (whilst wandering in search of some public toilets!) I chanced upon the most wonderful old fashioned ice cream van - parked up after a busy day's sales complete with plastic ice cream cone at the side! It made my heart feel good to see such tangible evidence of how truly 'evergreen' ice cream is.

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