Nov 13, 2007

Ice Cream & Dentistry

I never cease to be amazed at the variety of opinions and taste people have about ice cream and, as my family will tell you, I relish the chance to talk to just about anyone on the subject. A trip to the dentist the other day offered a new and unusual opportunity for just such a conversation.

Apart from being a world class mountaineer having scaled the heights of K2 no less, Jim is a fantastic dental surgeon and a thoroughly nice person to boot. So, having fixed my tooth very quickly (and without any pain I might add!), I asked him if he liked ice cream. The answer .... an emphatic YES! When I asked his favorite flavor it turned out to be somewhat unusual - Caramel Shortbread (preferably from Cream O Galloway). I then asked his assistant if she liked ice cream and she told me how she adored the ice cream she had on holiday in Italy (aka Gelato). Before leaving the dental surgery I chatted with Gillian in reception who also confirmed a love of ice cream and when asked for a favorite flavor simply said 'All of them!'. Now that's what I call a true ice cream fan.

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