Jun 9, 2009

Recipes & Videos Including Ice Cream Videos

We all like to learn new things and it depends upon our interests and natural inclinations as to which direction we go in. For anyone interested in homemade food, it's got to be learning how to cook or bake something new - in other words ... RECIPES.

However, once you've got your recipe together, it's not always easy to know exactly how to go about it. I suppose that's why TV cook series have become so popular ... watch the tv chef at work, record it if you like and learn exactly how the recipe should be followed through. That's fine if you're happy to go with the tv chef's own recipes.

But what about recipes you download from the Web? Well, thanks to the wonderful, continual development of web resources we can all now view video clips of how to do things, including how to follow through with a recipe. Here are 2 examples ....

And of course if you want to watch a video of how to make homemade ice cream ... you can watch my very own ice cream videos
Note: filmed using an ice cream maker

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