Apr 18, 2011

Multifunctional Ice Cream - A Recipe For Success?

I have tried countless ice cream recipes in my time but the 'recipe' I read about today was something I've never encountered before - multifunctional ice cream.

Apparently, food scientists from the University of Missouri have been busy trying to create a healthier ice cream by adding four key ingredients: antioxidants, dietary fibre, prebiotics and probiotics. It all sounds fine in theory but apparently each of these 4 ingredients has its own impact on the texture and/or taste of the ice cream.

Given that the texture and taste of ice cream lies at the very heart of what makes ice cream so appealing (in my view anyway!), it looks like the scientists have quite a challenge on their hands.

Hats off to them for trying to make us all that little bit healthier of course but I still think that ice cream is like many things in life - a little of what you fancy now and then does you good. So for now I'll stick to my occasional rich homemade ice cream full of taste and texture :)

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