Apr 23, 2011

Royal Wedding Ice Cream

In today's ice cream news there's a story about a British ice cream maker who has come up with his own royal wedding ice cream. It does not have official royal approval but it's likely to be a success nevertheless.

What's special about this ice cream? Well, it's an exotic ice cream made with rather expensive ingredients that will be on sale in ice cream cones for around £15 each. The ice cream itself is vanilla based and contains truffle honey and 24-carat gold leaf covered caramel. Apparently, it might even be a world record for the most expensive ice cream cone - apparently Guinness World Records have been asked to look into that. If confirmed, then the world's most expensive ice cream cone will come from Lancashire in England!

NOTE: I believe that the most expensive ice cream sundae ever made was by Serendipity 3 in New York. Costing $1,000, it had Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream infused with Madagascar vanilla which was covered in 23 carat edible gold leaf along with the most expensive chocolate in the world called Amedei Porceleana drizzled over it.

Personally I'm happy to give the gold leaf a miss and just make a good, custard-base, real vanilla ice cream :)

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