May 15, 2011

Ice Cream In The News

There seems to be an interesting item of news about ice cream just about every day. I even have Google News customized on my iPhone so that I can read the latest stories!

Here's a great little ice cream story I read about recently. An ice cream salesman took his ice cream truck down to the local beach one Sunday anticipating good sales and was just looking forward to a good day in the sunshine when the soft sand took him by surprise and his ice cream truck got stuck in the sand!

Thankfully it all ended happily when a local rescue charity came and towed the ice cream truck to safety before the tide came in. The driver was quoted as saying ....

"Without their help, I would have been selling ice cream to the fish when the tide reached me!"

Full story and photographs of the ice cream truck stuck in the sand

Read more about the world of the ice cream truck and ice cream man

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